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How do I work with NeuroWorks?

Getting healthy has never been easier! The clinicians at NeuroWorks Wellness Center are available to help you with the click of a button or a simple phone call. As a virtual nutrition practice, our services are easy to access from the comfort of your home.

We do recommend you start with our specific protocol if you haven't worked with a functional nutrition practitioner before.

  1. Join our nutritional health-e challenge to jumpstart your wellness journey. We have a variety of options, so pick the one that sounds most like you. This is a virtual program done through our app in partnership with Designs for Health. It will give you meal plans, recipes, supplement suggestions, and tips on how to optimize your nutrition.
  2. Get a genetic test to determine your best diet and nutritional needs. You can do our wellness panel through DNArx or our advanced panel through MaxGen Labs. These tests come with a hefty report that is fairly self-explanatory, but we do hop on the phone with you to go over the finer details. It takes about 3-5 weeks to get your results once you send your sample into the lab.
  3. If you have more chronic issues you need help with, after you have completed a health e-challenge and performed a genetic test, our practitioners can walk you through the finer details of advanced functional lab testing. These tests may be useful in getting to root causes of a variety of long-term health concerns.


If you have already done loads of testing, we recommend a medical case review so our clinicians can give you a second opinion or a course of action.


Looking for specific types of functional lab testing or nutritional coaching, check out our services page to see what fits your needs. Order accordingly, and we will either ship a test kit directly to your door or schedule a virtual visit!



Schedule a FREE 10-minute discovery call today for more details!



We offer several services and products:

1. Not sure what you need? Follow this link to set up a free 10 minute discovery call with our staff:

2. If you already know what tests or services you want, place your order online from our catalog. Click here to shop. Your test purchase includes a test review, so once your results are in our providers will call to schedule your appointment. If you simply need an appointment, purchase the correct one and book online through our digital calendar. Don't forget to fill out your new patient intake forms below.

3. If you are looking for supplements from a variety of vendors, use our online dispensary to choose your product. Our favorite is

It's that simple! We work with people virtually. Appointments are only offered on Tuesday and Thursday, as our doctors limit the number of patients they see each week. 

We can only provide certain tests to patients in the state of Texas, but our nutrition appointments (i.e., coaching calls) are open to everyone. Please contact us first if you live outside of Texas.





New Patient Intake Forms:

Fill out the following forms if you are new to the clinic:

Pediatric Patients (0-17 years old)

Adult Patients (18+ years old)





1. Do you accept insurance? No, we do not accept insurance, as we want to give you the best possible care. When we work through insurance, we are limited by their ideas of healthcare. Most of our tests and supplements are not covered by insurance. We will, however, be happy to give you an itemized receipt that you can use for potential reimbursement.

2. Why do you see children? We believe children truly are the future. If we can get them healthy from the beginning, they have a better chance of growing up to be happy, productive adults. Whether it's chiropractic care or nutritional therapies, children deserve our best care.

3. How much do you cost? We cannot answer this specifically because every person has different needs. We recommend scheduling a FREE discovery call so our clinicians can guide you on your options. In general, a doctor's visit is $125 - 250. All other test prices and services vary.

4. Do you offer chiropractic care? We are currently only seeing patients virtually for nutrition services, but we would be happy to refer you to one of our colleagues who practice in your area.

5. Do you offer any other tests that are not listed on your website? We can order almost any kind of test. We do order specific ones based on clinical necessity. If you are interested in a test that you do not see, just ask!

6. Do you work virtually or in person? Virtually! We see people all over the country. We cannot, however, order specific tests outside of the state of Texas, so if you live somewhere else, please contact us before ordering.