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The practitioners at NeuroWorks Wellness Center love taking care of the entire family. Whether you have a kiddo on the spectrum, are a mom with autoimmune issues, or are simply seeking wellness care, we have options for you. We offer virtual visits for people across the country or in-person visits if you're located in Houston, Texas!

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Dr. Megan Arnold, DC

As a child, Dr. Arnold knew she felt amazing under the care of holistic practitioners. First, her chiropractor taught her the necessity for a properly functioning nervous system, and then her grandmother taught her about the gifts nature had to offer in the form of whole foods and supplements. With that, she was able to manage everything from allergies to ADHD. As an adult, she sought after care for constant headaches and extra focus in school by turning to the tried and true methods of natural healthcare. Today, she strives to help children receive nutritious and life-enhancing options for a variety of childhood health concerns. With a specialty in learning differences, Dr. Arnold seeks to balance function for the brain, immune system, and gut!

 Dr. Megan Arnold, DC
 Dr. Hailey Heard, DC

Dr. Hailey Heard, DC

If you are a person struggling with autoimmune conditions, Dr. Heard knows exactly how you feel. For years, she was a medical mystery. Living with aches and pains, weight issues, strange neurological symptoms, and chronic migraines, Dr. Heard was told by numerous doctors that she had a variety of conditions: MS, Lupus, RA, IBS, and even psychosomatic concerns (it was all in her head). It turns out, Dr. Heard had severe food allergies that were causing her physical symptoms. Once she went gluten free and discovered other allergies, all of her issues resolved. Because she had such wonderful results with dietary and lifestyle changes, Dr. Heard vowed to teach others how to heal from the inside out. As co-founder of NeuroWorks, Dr. Heard works closely with autoimmune patients, helping them to navigate the confusing world of dietary options.

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