Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition

Brain Health

The brain is the master control system of the entire body. In addition to chiropractic care, the nervous system directly responds to appropriate nutrition. Through neurotransmitter and hormone testing, we can thoroughly evaluate neurological function.

Immune Health

Whether dealing with a chronic infection, allergies, or autoimmune conditions, functional nutrition can greatly reduce symptoms and restore balance to a depressed immune system. Finding the underlying trigger for your immune system is crucial.

Gut Health

It is a well known fact that many symptoms and diseases begin in the gastrointestinal tract. With extensive testing, we can determine the integrity of the gut lining and promote healing for the entire system.

What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is a highly specialized form of natural health care. Through the use of lab tests, customized supplementation programs and meal plans are created for each patient.

It is universally accepted that food plays a major role in whether or not the body stays healthy. The current standard American diet (SAD) has created epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. There is also a current trend toward healthier eating that seeks to correct these problems.

The doctors at NeuroWorks take this notion one step further. While healthy food habits are crucial, many of our foods are nutrient depleted. No longer can one assume that organic produce is full of all the important vitamins and minerals. With this in mind, the doctors have developed custom-tailored supplementation programs for patients based on sensitive blood and urine analysis.

Functional nutrition is used to get to the root cause of whatever ails you.

It does require a bit of effort on the patient’s and the doctor’s part. In the functional nutrition department at NeuroWorks, patients are invited to participate in one-to-one programs with the doctors. Not only do patients take certain supplements to correct their biochemistry, lifestyle modifications must be made. Sleep cycles, stress management, exercise programs, and specialized diets are also crucial elements of restoring health.

The idea behind Functional Nutrition is that once biochemistry is restored to optimal levels, the body is able to heal itself. Functional Nutrition does not seek to treat symptoms and disease, but rather it seeks to restore balance and restore life.