Our Team

Dr. Hailey Heard

Dr. Hailey Heard is a chiropractor and functional nutrition provider; however, her initial career goal was to be a professor of theology. She was getting her Master of Theological Studies from Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University when she fell gravely ill. Countless doctors told her she would be dead by age 30 if her condition continued to progress. She was gaining weight, losing motor control, and had horrible migraines. She was diagnosed with Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, PCOS, and eventually uterine cancer.

After a long healthcare battle left her hopeless and worried, she found two providers that offered a solution: a medical doctor that only prescribed nutritional support and a chiropractor that treated her based on neurological findings. She had such wonderful results with these practitioners in a short amount of time. By the time she was ready to graduate from TCU, she had already decided to go to chiropractic school and help others with similar issues.

Not long into her chiropractic career, Dr. Heard was officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and Celiac Disease. The stress of school and opening up a new business left her weak and tired. Her migraines came back, more intense than ever, and she started losing more control over her arms and legs. Going back to what she knew best, Dr. Heard started getting even more specific chiropractic care (upper cervical care) and found functional nutrition.

This experience is what drives Dr. Heard today. Her passion is helping patients who have lost hope. She uses her own experience as a guiding force. She can truly empathize with her patients because she’s been there herself. Knowing that each patient will always be on a health journey, she is ready and willing to walk alongside them, encouraging them every step of the way.


St. Edward’s University, Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies & Philosophy

Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, Master of Theological Studies

Life University, Doctor of Chiropractic

Post-graduate studies in nutrition and functional medicine

Specialties: autoimmune conditions, gastrointestinal health, nutritional support for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Megan Arnold

Dr. Megan Arnold grew up as a chiropractic kid. After falling down a staircase at the age of 9, her parents were concerned she would have long-term injuries. They took her to a local chiropractor where she fell in love with the healing method. While she received the obvious benefits from chiropractic — no more spinal issues — she never realized how much it helped her with other issues. While under care as a teenager, her ADHD lessened and she no longer had to take allergy shots. She has been an avid supporter ever since, always telling people how much it helped her. Naturally, she gravitated towards chiropractic as a career choice.

Dr. Arnold’s passion does not stop there, however. While in school, she took extra courses to specialize in pediatric chiropractic. She enjoys helping children with ADHD and other sensory processing issues. She uses chiropractic adjustments as well as sensory exercises to help kids balance brain and body.

Dr. Arnold practices low-force chiropractic with no twisting or popping. Since so many people already live with significant amounts of stress, the last thing she wants to do is add more stress to the body. With her techniques, she can get significant results without putting the typical force into the spine. These techniques are perfect for the whole family, especially kids.

After several years in practice, Dr. Arnold noticed that many of her patients had a need that went beyond traditional chiropractic care. She started getting questions regarding nutrition and ADHD. To help her patients, she dived into the world of functional nutrition and found a true passion for brain health. Through post-doc training, she has developed the skills required to help people naturally increase neurotransmitter production and neurological connection. Together, chiropractic care and functional nutrition allow her to provide a whole-body approach to care.


St. Edward’s University, Bachelor of Arts inEnglish Literature

Life University, Doctor of Chiropractic

Post-graduate studies in nutrition and functional medicine

Specialties: pediatric chiropractic and brain health