The providers at NeuroWorks Wellness Center take care of people of all ages. While they do have an emphasis on pediatrics, adults are seen too! Most patients that come to the clinic do have chronic issues (i.e., Autism, autoimmune diagnosis, chronic fatigue/pain, etc.), but well patients are invited to join our wellness memberships.

No. We are not in-network providers for any insurance panel, and we are not Medicare/Medicaid providers. We will happily give you a receipt that can be turned in for reimbursement, but we cannot help with reimbursement solutions.

Yes, you can use these cards in our clinic.

We have found that our patients get the most out of care when they are committed and willing to accept that healing takes time. While we could easily provide one chiropractic adjustment sporadically, it won’t provide much benefit. We have created programs that are efficient and effective.

If you simply want to order one type of functional lab test (such as the genetic test), we do offer that option. If you are looking for specific guidance, we encourage you to discuss a program option with our providers.

Yes, but please note that we are neurological-based chiropractors. We do not run a pain-oriented clinic. We have many providers that we can refer you to if you are simply wanting to get out of pain. We have a whole-body approach and seek to restore wellness rather than provide pain relief.

Children are our future. If we raise healthy kids, we will have healthy adults. We also are currently living in a time with major childhood epidemics. Currently, 1 in 50 children are diagnosed with Autism. By 2030, the numbers will reach 1 in 2. ADHD has a 1 in 10 ratio at the moment. We want to help balance the brain, immune system, and gut for all of these kids.

Yes. We offer professional grade supplements that can be purchased from our website and shipped directly to you.

We work side by side with your various healthcare providers. We want you to have a team of practitioners, as we do not serve as primary care providers. We are specialists, and we have a very specific scope of practice.

No. We do not treat or cure anything. We simply remove the interference in the body that is keeping you from healing. Your body is a self-regulating, self-healing creation. We help you identify the root cause of whatever is ailing you. We truly believe that your body will provide the solutions if given the right fuel and connections.