Autoimmune180 Program

Autoimmune180 Program

The Autoimmune180 Program is a 6-month program for adults living with chronic immune issues. Designed to get to the root cause of major health problems, this program revolves around finding various triggers that are creating dysfunction throughout the entire body. With a focus on brain, immune, and gut integrity, the Autoimmune180 Program is an essential starting point for adults living with chronic diseases.


What is included?

  • Complete Neurological Exam
  • Complete Medical Case Review
  • Biometric Evaluation
  • Pre & Post Comprehensive Lab Testing
  • Diet & Lifestyle Genetic Test
  • Daily Supplements
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Body & Brain Integration Exercises
  • Six Functional Nutrition Visit

Bonus Items:

  • Email access to your clinician with a 48 hour response rate
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Weekly webinars on various topics
  • Weekly “Office Hours” with the clinician on Facebook Live
  • Health & Wellness email campaigns
  • Access to in-person seminars and office events
  • Direct lab pricing

What is not included?

  • Additional tests beyond the basics
  • Additional supplements beyond the basics
  • Additional follow up visits

*Please note, all components of this program are designed to work together.